Have you ever wondered why honey bees build their wax cells in the shape of hexagons?

Throughout history, philosophers, scientists, and mathematicians have all tried to answer this very question, and found the answer in math and physics principles!

Program Description:

Planet Bee’s new Bee-ometry lesson allows your students to prove to themselves that the hexagon is the most efficient choice of shape through hands-on inquiry experiments, using fun materials such as clay and bubbles!

We will also bring our observation hive full of live bees to see the uses of cells in action, and an inspection station to explore other examples of hexagons in nature. What’s more, we will discuss how the bees set an example for the environmental movement as we break down resource and material efficiency as they relate to our finite planet!

All of our lessons are in line with the Next Generation Science Standards and rooted in the philosophy of E-STEM learning.       Bee-ometry meets the following NGSS standards:

  • 3-LS2-1. Construct an argument that some animals form groups that help members survive.

  • MS-LS1-7. Develop a model to describe how food is rearranged through chemical reactions forming new molecules that support growth and/or release energy as this matter moves through an organism

  • MS-LS2-1. Analyze and interpret data to provide evidence for the effects of resource availability on organisms and populations of organisms in an ecosystem.

  • MS-ESS3-4. Construct an argument supported by evidence for how increases in human population and per-capita consumption of natural resources impact Earth's systems

  • HS-LS2-8. Evaluate evidence for the role of group behavior on individual and species’ chances to survive and reproduce.

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