Planet Bee Corporate Program.png

Our first corporate program began at Google seven years ago! They now have 14 hives on campus; ten are maintained by Planet Bee’s beekeeper, and the other four are cared for by Bee Clubs made up of Google employees. These employees shadowed our beekeeper for the first couple years of our partnership, are now successful backyard beekeepers, and organize friendly competitions between their hive teams, such as which hive produces the most honey each year. They even used the Google colors to identify which hive is maintained by which team, and made matching t-shirts! Planet Bee visits each year for the annual honey harvest, and holds a fun family-friendly workshop where we spin and jar the honey from the campus hives, set out educational materials and hands-on activities, have stations for honey and mead tasting, and a kid’s corner with coloring and games for employees’ children.