Are you looking for a real-world example or experience to take your students’ learning to the next level?

High school teachers are welcome to register for any of our pre-designed programs knowing our educators will adjust the content and activities to reflect the developmental stage of your students. However, we also understand you have required curricula and topics to cover during the school year.

Program Description:

Contact our Program Director at to arrange a visit to your class, and we will work together to create a personalized presentation that fits your needs!

Biology teacher covering topics of genetics? The genetic structure of honey bees leads to their fascinating social behavior! Economics teacher wanting to diversify the real-world examples shared in class? Conservation and capitalism can work together when we investigate the economic contributions of pollination services! History teacher discussing the world’s ancient civilizations? Many are laden with bee deities and folklore!

Additionally, our educators are young professionals who can easily relate to the high school experience, and are happy to share their experiences and answer questions about college, study abroad, research, nonprofits, environmentalism, etc. The possibilities for these presentations are endless! Let us develop the perfect guest learning opportunity for your students.

We've created a source doc for educators to cut and paste from if applying to grants through their school's, PTA or other outside organizations. Click here to download it!

We are deeply committed to environmental justice and therefore offer sliding scale fees. Need-based scholarships are also available, courtesy of our sponsors and partners.

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To arrange a visit or for further information, please email our Program Director, Sarah, at