We're dedicated to educating and empowering students of all ages to take action to help struggling pollinator populations.

When a student has the opportunity to see bees up close, curiosity sparks, fear fades, and gardens become ecological playgrounds. 



Our school program consists of interdisciplinary lessons surrounding the topic of the struggling bee, and involves students in pollinator conservation efforts.

With a focus on environmental stewardship and experiential learning, we teach biology, ecology, math, engineering, and even involve students in citizen science research. Lessons are hands-on and developmentally appropriate for grades PreK-12. Our remote programs are available for schools outside of the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Our community and corporate programs offer corporate team-building workshops, interactive hive-dives with honey and mead tasting, bee-day parties for kids, summer camp, and free public science events. Learn more about each program we offer below!


1 in every 3 bites of food is made possible by bees and other pollinators. Sadly, in 2017-2018, the US lost over 40% of managed beehives. At Planet Bee, we believe everyone can make a positive impact to help bees and the environment. We're teaching the power of individual action. Learn what you can do to change the world - one bee and student at a time!

Special thanks to our wonderful partners. Check out the complete list of our partner organizations and the schools we've taught in!