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Did you know honey bees do much more than make honey?

Bring live bees to your school for a day of Humble Honey Bee lessons, each 50-60 minutes long and consisting of our uniquely designed, age appropriate and hands-on Bee Basics curriculum. Lessons are developmentally adjusted for grades PreK-12.

Program Description:

Our flagship eco-literacy lesson offers a lively, hands-on workshop focused on honey bee biology, pollination, conservation, and the cultivation of environmental stewardship. We bring an observation hive filled with live honey bees on site and engage students in developmentally appropriate interactive lessons such as pollination games, sample examinations, honey tasting, and seed ball making.

Our activities are designed to help students think critically about the environment, honey bees, and pollinators’ important role in the ecosystem. Our inquiry-based, interactive curriculum engages students with deeper learning and comprehension, inspires curiosity, and instills a love of our environment.

Questions? Email our Programs Manager, Haley, at programs@planetbee.org