School Programming Impact

At Planet Bee, we work to cultivate a love of learning in our students, sharing our passion for the natural world, and engaging youth in acts of environmental stewardship through high-quality STEM learning. When children learn by doing, content sticks and they are empowered to take their learning bee-yond the classroom and into their daily lives.

The impact of our programs can be seen in students’ accumulation of knowledge and shifts in mindsets.


Experiential, Hands-On Learning

Bees are crucial to human life and healthy ecosystems, but these precious pollinators are often shrouded in fear and misunderstanding.

When students form emotional connections to the bees through their own lived experiences, they want to help! This is why the live bees in our observation hive are our teaching assistants, why we play pollination games to put every kid in the mindset of a bee, and why we lead each student through an individual action, showing them how easy it is to do our part to help the bees and the environment as a whole.

Focus on E-STEM and Stewardship

High-quality environmental education opportunities can be hard to find. At Planet Bee, we make it easy by combining Environmental Literacy, STEM Learning, and the power of Individual Actions to create a green-minded generation.

Our school program consists of interdisciplinary E-STEM lessons that are in line with the Next Generation Science Standards. Our students learn concepts of biology, ecology, engineering, math, and physics, and even participate in real-life research, all the while exploring how components of the environment and human society are inherently involved.

Studying the science involved in an environmental issue, then taking action to support tangible solutions, takes youth from student to steward.


Read more about Ecoliteracy and our Teaching Philosophy here!


Learning How to Make a Difference

People often ask us, “What can I do to help the bees?” We are always happy to share ideas, but impact is higher when we allow students to practice these actions.

Following taking individual action, we wrap up our lessons by leading every class through a discussion focused on what we can each do in our daily lives to support bees and other pollinators. Our 2018 evaluations show that over 80% of our students are confident in an action they can take for the bees after participating in a Planet Bee lesson.

Changing Mindsets and Empowering Youth

Real-world issues, such as the loss of almost half our honey bee population every year, can be daunting for students of all ages. Young people often don’t believe in their own power to make a difference.

The actions students take during Planet Bee lessons to help the bees are simple, tangible, and impactful. These experiences teach young people how easy it is to help, empowering them to do more as agents of change.



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