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Planet Bee is an exceptional partner that offers deep engagement, going beyond the four walls of our store to take this important education into our schools, backyards and communities.
— Rob Twyman, President of Whole Foods Market Northern California

Thank you for coming to our school and getting there early. When you got to hear the bees through the vent thing it sounded like a hundred bees were about to get out and sting you. You guys are right, we need bees and fruit, and honey bees are very good to our world.
— Sean, Student & Jr. Environmental Steward

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Planet Bee is the best! My students absolutely LOVED the activities, and have been talking about bees ever since the workshops. They all want to help bees in every way they can; 3rd-5th-grade Eco-Heroes are fully taking on the responsibility to save their bee friends. Thank you so much to the fabulous Planet Bee team for inspiring my students and me!
— Eloise Libre, Education Outside/AmeriCorps Member

With their engaging personalities and enlightening information, they engaged all in the demonstrations of hive care, workshops and honey harvests. Participants left with a heightened awareness in the importance of pollinators and how we can better protect and save them. The nearby employee gardens thrived with the established hives.
— Hillary Bergh, Google Executive Chef and Lead Beekeeper

Thank you for coming to our school and educating our brains about bees! I learned that all the workers are girls! I would really like to help the bees survive.
— Jubilee, Student & Jr. Environmental Steward

They have helped us engage volunteers, educate residents involved in apprenticeships in our vegetable garden, and produce honey for fundraising sales. They’ve stuck by us through hive collapse and rebuilding as well as connected us to the community through their public beekeeping workshops.
— Maura Thurman, Homeward Bound of Marin

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Thank you for coming to our school. I enjoyed doing bee things like the pollination game and seeing the bees, they were cute. I can’t believe I saw a queen bee—it was amazing!
— Isabelle, Student & Jr. Environmental Steward

I am so happy that my class got to experience the Planet Bee presentation. They learned so many interesting facts about bees. It was presented in a fun, age appropriate way that was engaging to all students. They talked about it for weeks after and were so fascinated with the facts they learned, we had to do a unit on it. Wonderful lesson, wonderful artifacts (the observation hive was really fascinating), and fun activities. The presenters worked really well with my kids, even a few who have special needs. Thank you for everything Planet Bee, it was amazing!
— Mrs. Wanzong, 1st Grade Teacher, Delaine Eastin Elementary
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