Does your child love nature? Science? Art?

Then Planet Bee Foundation’s Camp Bee-yond is for them!

We will spend each session buzzing through various STEAM activities centered on bees and environmental stewardship. Activities will include engaging with our observation hive of LIVE BEES each day, exploring the world of science and bees through hands-on projects, games, music and dance, bee-themed cooking lessons, nature walks, garden projects which can be taken home and integrated into your own yard, and more!

Campers will also get free time to play each day!


Through interdisciplinary lessons and hands-on projects, your child will connect with bees and nature in new ways, cultivating a love for the environment and new approaches to engage with our natural world and the problems it faces.

Camp Is Appropriate For Grades K-5 / Campers Will Be Grouped by Age

Middle School CIT program available for grades 6-8. Participation in the CIT program costs $200 per week-long session. Please email our Program Director, Sarah, for info at

LOCATION: Lafayette Park, San Francisco


July 15-19

9:00am - 4:00pm

Before Care: 8:00am-9:00am

After Care: 4:00pm-6:00pm



Week-long Session: $400.00 per camper

Siblings Price: $320 per week

Before Care: $30.00 per week

After Care: $70.00 per week


Questions? Email our Program Director at

11:00am -12:00pm:  Lunch

12:00pm - 4:00pm: Afternoon Activities

  • Hands-On Science Exploration

  • Art Projects

  • Play Based Bee Related Games

4:00pm - 6:00pm: Aftercare              

Campers in the after care program will have their choice of continuing the day’s projects, free play, board games, reading, and arts and crafts.

DAILY ACTIVITIES (May vary day-to-day)

8:00am - 9:00am: Before Care

Campers will start each day with their choice of free play, board games, reading, and arts and crafts.

9:00am - 11:00am: Morning Activities

  • Bee Lesson - Live Bees Viewing Integrated Each Day

  • Team Building Activity

  • Music and Movement

  • Nature Walk




  • Honey Bees - Campers will see LIVE BEES Everyday in our Contained Observation Hive

  • Native Bees

  • Insect Collection During Nature Walks


Connecting People with Food



Environmental Stewardship

Learn How to Help Bees and Other Pollinators


  • Bird/Bee/Pollinator Feeders

  • Painting

  • Portable Pollinator Gardens made in a Wine Box

  • Clay Seed Balls - planted at the end of week in Wine Box

  • Found Object Science and Physics Projects

  • Pipe Cleaner Bees for Playing Games

  • Bee Antennae

  • Origami and More!


  • Bee Yoga

  • Dancing

  • Singing

  • Music Making



  • Flower Dissection

  • Bee Senses and Anatomy


  • How Do Bees Fly?

  • Mechanisms of Pollen Collection

  • Honeycomb Construction Through Bubbles


  • Data from the Hive


  • Build a Native Bee House

A welcome packet with camper forms will be forwarded after registration. If you are registering more than one sibling, a discount will be issued in the form of a 20% refund of the additional registration fee.

Before Care: 8:00am-9:00am / After Care: 4:00pm-6:00pm

SESSION ONE: July 15-19, 2019

Refund Policy

If your summer camp refund request is sent:

(21) days before first day of your registered camp session: Receive 100% of registration fees minus $30.

(14) days before first day of your registered camp session: Receive 50% of registration fees.

Refunds will not be available for cancellations within two weeks of the beginning of camp.

You may request to transfer your camp session to another session up to one week before your originally scheduled session.

Please email cancellation and refund requests to including participant’s name and dates of the session you are withdrawing from.