Build employee relations and a sense of stewardship with a unique team building workshop!

Looking for unique opportunities for your corporate team to build relationships while contributing to honey bee health and the environment? Planet Bee offers a suite of team building workshops that bring your employees out of their daily routine and into the world of environmental stewardship.

Choose from one of our popular workshops below, or have us work with you to design a workshop that fits your company's needs.

Hive Dive Workshop

Give employees the opportunity of a lifetime by going into a real beehive! Everyone will don bee suits as Planet Bee Educators introduce the basics of beekeeping, talk about life inside the beehive, and discuss factors affecting honey bee decline. Once inside the hive, we will pull a frame and point out honey, pollen, brood, as well as workers, drones, and possibly the queen! Our hive dives are conveniently located in the beautiful Golden Gate Park CommUnity Garden. The hour and a half workshop ends with a Q & A.

Beehive Building Workshop

Join us in helping honey bees and the environment by building beehives! Just one beehive can house up to 60,000 bees, which will greatly increase pollination services and habitat vitality in the Bay Area. The beehives your company builds can be donated back to Planet Bee and housed at a local school or community garden through our school Adopt-A-Hive program. This not only adds to the number of bees in the local environment, but also offers opportunities for students and staff to learn about honey bees and the basics of beekeeping. What a sweet deal! 

For more information or to schedule a workshop, email