We design interdisciplinary, hands-on educational programs in line with the Next Generation Science Standards for California Public Schools, K-12 on honeybee culture, perspectives on the declining worldwide bee population, and basic understanding of the ecosystem, as well as support the installation of beehives on school grounds through our Adopt-A-Hive Program. Our Humble Honeybee Workshops include :

  • Age-appropriate hands-on lessons and games about honeybees and their plight
  • Observation hives for an up close look at live bees and their behavior
  • Beekeeping equipment, including suits, for handling and trying on
  • Honeycomb and wax to touch and inspect   
  • Guidance and participation in citizen scientist projects as appropriate
  • A variety of educational material including magnified insect boxes filled with bees for inspection, our Planet Bee 'mini-museum' with educational panels and companion activities, books, coloring pages, DVDs and more!

San Francisco Unified School District, Spring Hill Montessori, Acta Non Verba: Youth Urban Farm Project and Expeditionary Learning are just a few of the schools we have proudly partnered with recently.

To learn more or schedule a workshop, please contact our Program Director, Kayla Friedrichsen, at