Do you want to get involved with Planet Bee Foundation?

Have you been looking to get involved with a nonprofit part time? Are you interested in volunteering for a local organization? Do you have skills you believe could benefit the efforts of a nonprofit? Do you have office equipment you no longer need, but that can still be used?

At Planet Bee, we’re a small staff and we each wear many hats! We’re proud of the work we can accomplish, but there are some things we could use some help with. Below we’ve listed some specific volunteer work opportunities, as well as a wish list for potential in-kind donations for our office and current projects. If you’re interested in getting involved and supporting our cause in one of the following ways, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page, and our staff will get in touch! Thank you!

Volunteering Needs

  • Accounting

  • Financial Auditing

  • Work on Google Ads

  • Website and/or Social Media Analytics

  • Website Development

  • Fundraising

  • Social Media Ambassadors

  • Crowdfunding / Social Fundraising

  • Event Planning

  • Videography

In-Kind Donations

  • Space to Use for Community Workshops

  • Space to Use for Events and Fundraisers

  • Office Furniture / Equipment

    • Desks

    • Standing Desk Equipment

    • Bookshelf / Storage

    • Computers / Tablets

    • Camera

  • Office Space in San Francisco

Worker Bees on Frame