At Planet Bee we aim to cultivate a green-minded generation who cares about the environment by inspiring a love of honey bees and respect for pollination’s role in the ecosystem and food system. Our lessons are in line with the Next Generation Science Standards and CA State Science Standards and are appropriate for students of all ages.

We specialize in hands-on, inquisition-based instruction that addresses all learning styles. 

Our goal is to leave students of all ages with a newfound appreciation for the work honey bees and other pollinators do in order to empower them to help protect pollinators through individual action. 


We offer schools and organizations hands-on workshops and lively educational programs centered on honey bees, conservation, and citizen science. We bring an observation hive filled with live honey bees on site and engage students in developmentally appropriate interactive lessons such as educational games, microscope dissections and making seed balls. Our curriculum is in line with the Next Generation Science Standards.

We're proud to have partnered with countless schools and nonprofits such as San Francisco Public Schools, The Sonoma County Children's Museum, The Monterey Bay Aquarium, Homeward Bound of Marin,  Acta NonVerba Youth Urban Farm Project, Marin County "One Book, One Marin" Library Series, Slide Ranch Environmental Center, Bay Area Science  Festival, etc... Check out our complete list of partners, schools and nonprofits! 

Click here to learn more about the Humble Honey Bee Project.

Whole Foods Market of Northern California is now sponsoring full day Humble Honey Bee Programs at no cost to schools and nonprofits. 

ZOMBEE WATCH PROJECT: Citizen Science Brought to Your School

Zombie fly laying eggs in honey bee, Photo by Christopher Quock

Zombie fly laying eggs in honey bee, Photo by Christopher Quock

Planet Bee is proud to be working with San Francisco State University citizen science project, ZomBee Watch.  We are always searching for new ways to get schools involved in current and important honey bee research. John Hafernik, ZomBee Watch founder and a professor of Entomology, recently discovered that honey bees are being affected by a zombie fly parasitoid (a parasite that always kills its host ). Honey bees affected by the parasitoid are attracted to lights and exhibit zombie-like behavior. 

Join us in tracking the spread of the zombie fly!

Our ZomBee Watch Project consists of multiple onsite visits over the course of a year to your classroom and includes in-depth lessons on honey bee behavior, the zombie fly parasitoid, the recording of scientific data, taking of research photos, and much more. Students will design their own light traps to catch "ZomBees", and contribute their data to a nation-wide project.

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ADOPT-A-HIVE PROGRAM: School and Nonprofit Campus Beehive Program

Let us bring a  beehive to your school campus! Planet Bee educators will provide lessons for the students at the hive and students will be able to suit up, see live honey bees in action, and even investigate frames of live bees (with proper protective gear of course). Our beekeeper will maintain the hive with the opportunity for staff, students and community member to shadow and learn the trade in individualized, intimate lessons. We even lead a honey-spinning in the fall, once of the sweetest rewards to working with honey bees.

Our Adopt-a-Hive Program integrates the Humble Honey Bee Project, our Bee Basics curriculum and age appropriate, hands-on activities into your school’s curriculum, all centered around the campus hive. Our interdisciplinary education program is in line with the Next Generation Science Standards. 

In 2012, the Environmental Defense Fund recommended our Adopt-A-Hive Program in their summer issue

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BEE GREEN INITIATIVE: Corporate Beekeeping Program

We individually design engaging hands-on beekeeping programs for businesses of all sizes. We help companies install beehives on their corporate campus, conduct honey spinning workshops, and assist businesses to participate in research projects and bee clubs. Our Bee Green Initiative not only functions as amazing team-building events and supports companies’ own green directives, but has the added benefit of creating widespread awareness of honey bee decline both within the company and outside of it.

At Planet Bee we are proud to work with Google, SAP, Intel, The San Francisco Chronicle, Kellar Estates, and many other Bay Area businesses. 

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