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Celebrate Valentine's Day: The BEE Friendly Way

Updated: 6 days ago

Celebrate Valentine's Day: The BEE Friendly Way

As the days grow longer and we inch closer to spring, we take a moment to stop and savor some of the sweetest things that life brings. This Valentine’s Day say “I love you the most” with some cute little bee crafts that will be sure to warm the hearts of the busiest Super Bowl Hosts.

Our craft, you shall see takes a potato and forms it into a cute little bee:

What you will need for this craft is quite simple you see:


Blue Card Stock

Yellow Acrylic Paint

Markers – Black & White

Googly Eyes (small)

and a Glue Stick to fill hearts with glee!

What you will do next may require some keen eyes as you gather your supplies, then cut your potato widthwise.

From there you will lay out your paint on a flat surface, like on a paper plate.

Now get your cards ready for the time is almost near as you continue to create your bee craft for your little dear.  

Take your blue card stock and cut it into sizes, we recommend small squares that are different in size.

Next, take your potato and dip the end a bit to get the yellow paint all over it.

From there, take the painted end of the potato and press it down on one of your squares for your bees are starting to take flight, just not in the air.

After this, let your little hive dry for next you will add details that can catch your eye.

First start with the googly eyes and place them where you feel is best. Add a few dots of glue and then make sure they rest.

Next, you will see your bee come to life as you take the black marker and draw its beautiful stripes. A bee is not complete without an antenna or wings, so please make sure to finish drawing these things.

Congratulations, you finished your craft! Now write a sweet message somewhere on the back!

And that, my dear friends, is how you fill your classroom with glee by simply making a beautiful bee.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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