Debra Tomaszewski

Co-Founder & Executive Director

Debra is a seasoned educator with over 25 years of experience as a public school teacher, college professor, supervisor for student teachers and curriculum writer. For the last 10 years, she's worked hand in hand with schools, community organizations, environmental centers, and corporations to develop Planet Bee Foundation's educational program and forward its mission of creating environmental stewards through the love of bees and our planet. To contact Debra directly, please email her at or call (415) 235-8959.


Haley Todd

Programs Manager

Haley came to us from Stanford University’s Sustainable Food Program. She first became interested in sustainability during her time at Willamette University, where she graduated with a degree in Rhetoric. Haley later got her Permaculture Design Certificate, while completing a Yoga Teacher Training in Guatemala. This kickstarted her passion for building community and educating others about environmental practices. She is an avid snowboarder, an amateur artist, and a passionate yogi. To contact, please email


Bill Tomaszewski

Master Beekeeper

Bill is a master beekeeper with over 18 years of beekeeping experience. As co-founder of Planet Bee, he manages hives at several apiaries throughout the Bay Area and has led countless workshops on any aspect of beekeeping you can imagine, from bee installation to harvesting honey. It is his joy to introduce people to the incredible world of beekeeping through up-close and one-of-a-kind experiences. His style is very fluid and participant focused, with an emphasis on having fun!

Dr. Jason Graham

Entomologist & Educator

Dr. Jason Graham is a bee researcher and has worked with honey bees and beekeepers for 12+ years. He earned his PhD in the Honey Bee Research and Extension Laboratory at University of Florida. For his post-doctoral work, Dr. Graham studied the known populations of Hawaiian yellow-faced bees and contributed data that helped to list these pollinators as endangered species. He has presented his bee research at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC, has led field trips for the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature), and his research has been featured by National Geographic.



Josh Kalia

Environmental Nonprofit Intern

Josh is currently a gap-year student, with aims to begin studying Environmental Geoscience in the fall of 2020. Prior to Planet Bee, he spent time interning on an organic permaculture farm in Costa Rica. Josh is passionate about the planet and spends most of his free time outside with his dog enjoying nature, or practicing green design. In the future, Josh would love to work in conservation and sustainability, with a focus on enclosed habitats.


Tatiana Pineda 

Environmental Science & Admin Intern 

Tatiana is a senior at San Francisco State University, where she is majoring in Environmental Studies with an emphasis in Sustainability and Social Justice. She is passionate about social justice issues, environmental conservation, environmental health, and medicine. After graduation, she hopes to go to medical school and work towards helping people in underserved communities. 

Screen Shot 2019-09-16 at 1.00.07 PM.png

Yusra Rafeeqi

Admin Intern

Yusra is in her first year of college, currently studying locally with plans to transfer early next year to Case Western Reserve University with a major in Biology. She is involved in various forms of activism, including environmental conservation, and has been taught from a young age to appreciate the simple miracles of nature. In her future, Yusra hopes to explore the scientific aspects of conservation, as well as continue to lead a more aware and healthy lifestyle. 


Allie Clark

Marketing & Analytics Intern

Allie is currently finishing up her degree in Economics as a senior at SFSU. She has always been passionate about working towards a worthy cause, beginning with her 10-year library volunteer experience. In the future, she will go on to obtain a graduate degree in order to continue important work to help protect and enrich the education sector. Growing up near Tahoe has inspired her to do her best to conserve the fragile nature we all enjoy.

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Paulina Reat

Social Media and Marketing Intern

Paulina is currently a senior at SFSU, majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. Before Planet Bee, she was an intern at Pacific Design and Manufacturing, a San Diego based company specializing in Health and Wellness. For future endeavors, she would like to venture more into Research & Design and Content Writing. After she graduates, she will take a one month trip to Cambodia and Thailand to visit family and vacation.



Bill Tomaszewski

Board of Directors President, Planet Bee Co-Founder, & Master Beekeeper

Bill is Planet Bee's co-founder and master beekeeper. He is also General Counsel at Bill has kept hives for over 18 years and trained every kind of backyard beekeeper including hobbyists, teachers, principals, children, spa owners, and hundreds of San Francisco area tech company employees. His wealth of knowledge as a seasoned attorney, businessman, and civic leader, and his deep love for the environment, have been instrumental in Planet Bee's creation.

Jaynée Howe

Board of Directors Member

GeoTots founder Jaynée Howe brings a deep knowledge and expertise in digital marketing and content production to Planet Bee. An early player in the digital media field, she has worked steadily in an array of roles: desktop video production; software art creation; international education kiosk and gaming development; commercial and mobile production; and feature films. Jaynée's passion for science and environmental education is contagious!

Kenton Chow

Board of Directors Member

We are delighted to have Kenton Chow, CFO of  FLG Partners, as one of our Board of Directors to help guide Planet Bee in all financial matters. He has served on many nonprofit boards in the Bay Area and brings invaluable financial expertise to Planet Bee.

Dr. John Hafernik 

Board of Direction Member

We are honored to have John serve on our Board of Directors. John is a professor emeritus of Entomology at San Francisco State University and UC Berkeley as well as being past President and on the Board of Trustees for the California Academy of Sciences, past President of the American Association for Advancement of Science, Pacific Division, a partner to the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles, and project founder for the internationally recognized ZomBee Watch Citizen Science Project. His discoveries have been highlighted in Time Magazine, The Week, Scientific American, Science News and the New Scientist, among other venues. His expertise and love for education are inspirational. John has been essential for helping to develop and implement many of Planet Bee programs, particularly our new ZomBee Watch school curriculum. 

Ana Keller

Board of Directors Member

We are overjoyed to welcome the newest member of our team, Ana Keller! Ana is the Estate Director of Keller Estate Winery, home to Planet Bee beehives for several years. Teaching beekeeping workshops at the beautiful Keller Estate is always one of the highlights of our year. Ana is dedicated to leaving an indelible mark as a steward of the land, as well as developing distinctive estate vineyards that produce elegant, balanced and age-worthy wines. 


Special thanks to Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich, & Rosati for providing pro-bono legal services for our nonprofit.