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Bill Tomaszewski

Co-Founder & BOD President

As a co-founder of Planet Bee, Bill contributes significantly to the organization's operations through his role on the Board of Directors. Additionally, he brings a wealth of knowledge from his day job as the general counsel of With over 25 years of experience in beekeeping and having successfully completed Cornell University's Master Beekeeper Program, he is a seasoned master beekeeper. Bill served as our California beekeeper for 14 years, collaborating with corporations, schools, nonprofits, and community gardens. He conducted workshops, maintained hives, and provided educational lessons. These days, you can find Bill backpacking, presenting at conferences, and fulfilling his role as the president of our Board of Directors.

What do you love about bees?

They always sting you where you need it most.

If I wasn't so good at my job I would be...

Backpacking in the Sierra Mountains.


Bill Tomaszewski
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