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Move over, honeybees—America's 4,000 native bees need a day in the sun

May 20, 2024

National Geographic highlights our Native Bee School Program supported by Planet Bee's Corporate Team-Building Initiative.

With populations threatened, creative solutions to promote healthy bee habitats are on the rise.

May 16, 2024

Dr Jason Graham, Planet Bee Entomologist is interviewed ALHI..""Bees are responsible for a third of the food we eat..."

The GIANT Company announces healing the planet grant program

April 14, 2022

GIANT grocery stores donate rounded up purchases to Planet Bee.

Nonprofits fighting for pollinators

May 20, 2021

Planet Bee’s partner organization gives shout outs to environmental nonprofits!

Planet Bee’s partner organization gives shout outs to environmental nonprofits!

May 20, 2021

This guide on bees gives an insight on the threats bees face and how to help, along with interviews from bee experts.

Couple's glass blowing business in Wakefield gives back to bee community

April 27, 2021

Learn more about the glass bees from The Glass Station, who donates a portion of their proceeds to Planet Bee!

Happy Earth Day: GIANT launches environmental-friendly grants, community programs

April 22, 2021

GIANT partners with Planet Bee to collaborate on environmental initiatives.

5 Organizations Helping Bees Thrive

August 13, 2020

Read about how Planet Bee is fighting to protect our pollinators!

First of its kind synergistic environment that generates clean energy and support for bee habitats; $50,000 donated to Planet Bee Foundation

June 22, 2020

Planet Bee constructs beehives and educational signs for GIANT’s pollinator-friendly solar field.

Seven simple things you can do to save the bees on National Honeybee Day

August 17, 2019

Planet Bee gives tips on how to help bee populations and what to do if you see a swarm.

Sunset meets Googleplex – Honey extraction at the Hiveplex

September 26, 2017

Google’s first honey extraction with the co-founder of Planet Bee!

Help keep the hive alive. How bees can flourish in your own backyard

December 31, 2012

In 2012, the Environmental Defense Fund recommended our Adopt-A-Hive Program in their summer issue.

A Win For the Bees! Planet Bee Foundation Receives Over $600,000 from The GIANT Company to Educate Students

June 27, 2012

Read more about The GIANT Company’s generous donation to Planet Bee from their Healing Our Planet campaign.

Giant donates to Honey Brook Community Library

June 27, 2012

GIANT and Planet Bee bring youth environmental programs to Honey Brook Community Library.

Bill Tomaszewski on Terra Verda KPFA Radio

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Beekeeper Bill of Planet Bee Foundation discuss backyard beekeeping on America in the Morning

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