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Earth Day 2023: Our Planet is Bee-utiful!

Earth Day 2023: Our Planet is Bee-utiful!

What is Earth Day?

The first Earth Day was on April 22, 1970, and ever since then, 1 billion people and over 190 countries have come together to take action on Earth Day. It is one of the biggest

environmental protests movements in the world! Earth Day has evolved into a beautiful way to show appreciation for the resources our planet has to offer, and advocate for ways to save them. Climate science and sustainability issues are just a couple ways people take action to invest in the Earth.

Why should I care?

Earth Day has continuously brought attention to the climate crisis that has been progressively increasing. The climate crisis impacts every single

inhabitant of Earth, including you. This can happen in different ways like forest fires, contaminated air and water, and extinction of animal species. It can be discouraging to see all of the ways the Earth is negatively impacted by climate change, but we have the power to make positive changes together. An article from NASA encourages us to not give up; we can still reverse some of the worst effects of climate change. Earth is our home and as many people say, there is no Planet B!

What can I do this Earth Day to appreciate and positively impact the Earth?

People oen think they have to do something big and bold to make an impact on Earth Day. While big actions should never be discouraged, there are so many smaller ways to feel involved with the Earth and its natural inhabitants throughout the day. The easiest way to feel connected is by taking a walk outside and noticing the creatures, plants, and pollinators around you. If you want to take that to the next level, you could even keep a notebook of the different organisms you see on your nature walk! Another way to positively impact the Earth this coming Earth Day is by planting some simple, low-maintenance flowers. This could encourage pollinators to come by and get fed! Unfortunately, Earth Day has to come to an end, but the sun going down doesn’t have to stop your Earth Day fun. At nighttime, you can watch a documentary about the Earth (bonus points if it features bees!), and stargaze. There is always something you can be doing, big or small, to positively impact Earth. Whether it’s picking up trash in your backyard or campaigning for environmentally-friendly policies, you have the chance to change the world for the better!


Written by Abby Frey, Planet Bee Intern

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