Seed Ball Kits for Schools

Planet Bee has partnered with BeeSure to offer a new program to schools around the country. Apply for a Seed Ball Kit, and your school can join the effort to save the bees!

What are Seed Balls?

Seed balls are essentially pieces of natural clay full of seeds and soil. They can be easily dispersed to grow plants of all types without the need to dig holes or till land.

Seed Balls and Bees

As urbanization and modern farming and agricultural practices have decreased pollinator habitat and forage, people taking action for bees and other pollinators have begun making and dispersing seed balls to plant more pollinator plants. At Planet Bee, we make seed balls full of California poppy seeds with all our students and visitors at public events.

Seed Ball History and Impact

Making seed balls is an ancient agricultural technique which has seen a resurgence and regained popularity in modern times.

Masanobu Fukuoka was a Japanese philosopher and natural farmer born in 1913, and is the person often attributed with improving and popularizing this planting technique.


“Fukuoka believed that tillage over large areas is laborious, destructive to soil health, and ultimately not needed and thus a waste of time and energy. Thus, seed balls have become an important aspect of many natural farming and conservation enterprises around the world.”

A Community Driven Success Story

In the early 1970s, New York City had endured riots and watched neighborhoods decline to abandon, as apartment buildings fell down and empty lots took their place. Artist Liz Christy began tossing what she referred to as “seed grenades” into vacant lots - she filled water balloons with seeds, soil, and water, and threw them over fences, watching the contents scatter as the balloons burst on the ground. This practice was her first step in revitalizing the city by converting these lots into gardens. By the 1980s, NYC was home to 800 community gardens!

The Seed Ball Kit Program

Thanks to our partner BeeSure, Planet Bee is proud to offer 10 schools with Seed Ball Kits, allowing students around the country to join in the efforts to support our precious pollinators. One third of our food supply is directly reliant on pollination services, and the populations of these animals are decreasing at alarming rates. With BeeSure’s help, we will plant 100,000 seeds!

Together, we can change the world, one bee, student, and flower at a time!

Use the button below to apply for a Seed Ball Kit for your school. You will receive all the materials needed for each student to make a seed ball full of flower seeds that are local and native to your area, as well as teaching resources and additional activities to use in class.



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