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Peter Maxwell

Program Manager & Beekeeper

Peter serves as our California beekeeper, community educator, and program manager. He brings a wealth of professional experience from various industries, including beekeeping, HR, community engagement, and journalism, to our team. Holding a Journeyman level Beekeeper certification from the UC Davis Master Beekeeping Program, Peter has previously worked as an Urban Beekeeper and Business Developer at the Best Bees Company. Additionally, he plays an active role in the Alameda County Beekeepers Association, where he contributes to educating and training the next generation of young beekeepers, while also raising awareness about the crucial role of pollinators in our communities' health.

What do you love about bees?

I love how cute and fuzzy they are, but I'm constantly fascinated how thousands of individual organisms work flawlessly in concert to act as one amazing super organism.

If I wasn't so good at my job I would be...

Hiking, playing disc golf, and spending more time in my garden.


Peter Maxwell
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