ZOMBEE WATCH PROJECT: Citizen Science Brought to Your School

Zombie fly laying eggs in honey bee, Photo by Christopher Quock

Zombie fly laying eggs in honey bee, Photo by Christopher Quock

Become a ZomBee Hunter and join us in tracking the spread of the zombie fly!

Planet Bee is proud to partner with San Francisco State University to bring citizen science to the classroom. Students discover the joy of participating in current and important honey bee research for real scientists through our  ZomBee Watch Project school program. This program heavily focuses on STEM education and is in line with the Next Generation Science Standards. 

John Hafernik, ZomBee Watch founder and professor of Entomology, recently discovered that honey bees are being affected by a zombie fly parasitoid (a parasite that always kills its host). Honey bees infected by the parasitoid are attracted to lights at night and exhibit zombie-like behavior. 

Our ZomBee Watch Project consists of three onsite visits to your classroom and includes in-depth lessons on honey bee behavior, the zombie fly life cycle, sample collection, recording and analyzing scientific data, and more. Students will design their own light traps to catch "ZomBees", and contribute their data to a nation-wide project.

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Click here to learn more about the ZomBee Watch Project. 

We are deeply committed to environmental justice and therefore offer sliding scale fees.