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Help get others buzzing about Planet Bee by starting a Facebook fundraiser! Whether for your birthday or another occasion, set up a fundraiser to inspire your friends to support Planet Bee’s mission to change the world – one student and one bee at a time! Any donation, however big or small, will aid in our mission to educate, inspire, and create a green-minded generation during this critical moment in time. Even just $10 will provide a student with our un-bee-lievable E-STEM distance-learning program!

Read more below on how to set up your Facebook Fundraiser today!

  1. Visit


  2. Click on the button​​​​ that says “Select Nonprofit.”

  3. ​Once you click on the “Select Nonprofit” button, a small window will open. In the search bar, type “Planet Bee Foundation.” Our page should appear at the top! Once you select us, a new window, titled “Details” will open with a desktop preview of what your fundraising page will look like once it is created.

  4. In the “Details” window, you can set a donation goal you’d like to reach in the “How much money do you want to raise?” box. You may set whatever goal you’d like (we appreciate any amount of support you can give!), though goals such as $50 - $200 are most commonly met. Also, don’t worry if you do not reach your goal as Planet Bee will receive any donated funds you raise!

  5. ​In “Select Currency” US Dollars (USD), then set the end date for your campaign (usually campaigns last anywhere from 2-4 weeks) in the box “When should your fundraiser end?”

  6. ​In the next box, which asks “What is the title of your fundraiser?” you can choose a custom name for your fundraiser that will appear at the top of the page. (A generic one will be automatically provided by Facebook, but you may name your fundraiser whatever you please!)

  7. In the box below asking “Why are you raising money?” you can add custom text to explain to your friends why you are supporting Planet Bee Foundation. A generic answer will also automatically be provided by Facebook, but you may state whatever you’d like! Here are some suggestions you can use in your answer or for brainstorming purposes:

    Dear friends and family, I’m buzzing to let you know I am raising money for Planet Bee Foundation to support their un-bee-lievably amazing mission to create a green-minded generation through environmental stewardship, using the lens of the struggling honey bee to teach the power of individual action. Any amount is appreciated! Even just $10 will provide a student with Planet Bee’s E-STEM distance-learning program. I’ve included more information about Planet Bee Foundation below!

    ​Planet Bee Foundation is a Bay Area nonprofit on a mission to change the world - one bee at a time! They are dedicated to creating a green-minded generation by inspiring environmental stewardship through the teaching lens of the struggling honey bee. Their hands-on educational programs are designed to increase awareness of the current bee crisis and teach the power of individual action to impact our interconnected world.

  8. ​In the next box, titled “Cover Photo,” you can use our default image from Facebook or you may choose your own photo of a lovable bee! 

  9. Celebrate! You’ve just helped Planet Bee Foundation educate future environmentalists across the country and ensure the future of our small, but essential pals, bees!

Thank you so much for your support!

If you need more details, please see Facebook’s fundraiser FAQs or contact our Executive Director at

We are always un-bee-lievably appreciative of direct donations which can be made on our Donations page and Planet Bee merchandise purchases of which 100% of proceeds support our educational programs!

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