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In partnership with the PA Department of Food and Agriculture, Planet Bee Foundation is proud to announce that we are now accepting applications for the Planet Bee Apiculture Training Program: The Sustainable Honey Path.

The Sustainable Honey Path is a two-year-long apprenticeship program, starting Spring 2024, that provides a pathway to knowledge, tools, and guidance in apiculture and honey production from local beekeepers and honey producers to aspiring beekeepers. Planet Bee Foundation will select and work with 5 Beekeeping Mentors and assign them mentees in their community to train in apiculture and honey production, with the goal of mentees gaining the skills to seek employment in the beekeeping industry.

Planet Bee will provide the necessary equipment for each mentor and mentee pair to establish a hive and manage it throughout the 2-year duration of the grant program. Mentors will be compensated $1000 annually and paid out monthly for their expertise and mentorship. Planet Bee will also provide educational content and administrative support for each mentor and mentee to ensure their success in the program.


  • Beekeeping mentors must commit to the 2-year duration of the program

  • Mentors must have an apiary or space for a new hive to be established with their mentee

  • Mentors must reside and conduct all of their beekeeping practices in Pennsylvania

  • Mentors are expected to meet with their mentees a minimum of once a month to conduct beekeeping training or review educational content

Grand Guidelines

  • Mentees will be required to evaluate their mentees' progress and provide constructive feedback monthly.

  • Mentors will be required to report periodic progress updates about the training done with their mentee to the Planet Bee Foundation


The deadline for mentor applicant submissions is January 15, 2024

Grantees will be selected and announced by January 24, 2024
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