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Cara Ching

Cara Ching

San Francisco, CA

Cara Ching is the Director and Co-manager of SFBeecause, a free, two year program educating adults to be future beekeepers. Along with mentoring at the apiary, she teaches the participants bee anatomy through dissection, and wax cleaning/candle making. She handles the community outreach and educational coordination for the program. She is active in the San Francisco Beekeepers Association, and currently is the Volunteer Manager, and an educational volunteer. She completed PlanetBee’s inaugural “Beekeepers in Education” program, and looks forward to more teaching opportunities with them. She participated in a Hive Dive, and several educational tabling events with PlanetBee. My goal is to teach more students and adults the importance and science of bees in a fun educational format. She is a candidate in UC Davis’ Master Beekeeping program to expand her science based knowledge.


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