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Pollinator Week Partnership Launch with GIANT Company!

We are thrilled to announce our newest partnership with the GIANT Company this Pollinator Week! They have donated $50,000 to Planet Bee to expand their Healing the Planet Initiative as we work together to promote sustainable systems and greener communities, one bee and one mind at a time!

These bee hives are painted with native flowers of Pennsylvania, where Giant HQ are located. The very talented artist, Lyndsey Pool from Virginia, designed these gorgeous hives .

Giant has installed a solar array pollinator field, complete with bee hives. They are the first grocery store chain in the country to embrace a project of this magnitude and importance.

This past weekend, three beautiful hives were installed at the GIANT headquarters solar pollinator garden in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. This partnership is as sweet as honey with of all the exciting upcoming opportunities to make a difference, like volunteer events and working with local farms and children’s organizations. Keep an eye out (or 5, if you’re a bee) to see what we will be up to next. More details to come!

Lyndsey’s hive painting in its infancy.

The finished product at Lyndsey’s farm in Virginia.

Hives are delivered to Giant HQ and bees are installed!

We really are hivin’ a good time as we celebrate Pollinator Week, which is a wonderful opportunity to honor and bring awareness to bees, butterflies, and all of the other critters that so kindly spread pollen, allowing our plants to flower and produce food.

In 2007, the US Senate voted unanimously to dedicate one week of the year to Pollinators in hopes of protecting and celebrating all they do for us. This dedication has become an internationally recognized week where communities all across the world hold educational events and spread love for these amazing creatures.

This pollinator week, let’s toast (with honey!) to the bees and other pollinators that continue to provide us with food to eat and countless other benefits that come from the flowering plants they pollinate. Find out how you can support these efforts and continue to protect the bees!

Photo by Cindy Gustafson


Written by Claire Bradley & Haley Todd

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