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SF Senior’s Keystone Project Supports Planet Bee

Planet Bee is Honored to Present the Work of High School Senior, Ashira Bloom!

Ashira created a fashion campaign to bring awareness to struggling honey bees. Support Ashira and Planet Bee by purchasing one of the shirts she created here! Don’t forget to visit her informational Instagram account @SAV3TH3B33S, which provides an excellent summary of her work in generating awareness of and support for pollinators.

Ashira’s senior keystone project at the Jewish Community High School was open for interpretation - some students learned guitar, while others developed the best possible ice cream flavor. Ashira knew her idea had to revolve around her three main passions: sustainability, fashion, and art. This is why she designed and developed a Save the Bees apparel campaign intended to support a small, local organization that raises awareness for the environment. We, at Planet Bee, are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with such an up-and-coming green leader!

Why Bees? It’s in the Name!

Ashira Bloom is a life-long supporter of all things flowers and bees, as her father owned and operated a wholesale flower nursery called Blooms in Sonoma! The nursery’s slogan was literally “Bee-Friendly”, the genesis of her connection to pollinators and environmental stewardship.

What a Worker Bee!

Ashira came up with a plan and executed it with grace, despite the barriers that 2020 had in store for her. She found Planet Bee, designed a logo by hand, created content to inform the public, and learned how to digitally develop a fundraiser! While most seniors were upset about prom being canceled, Ashira was busy finding ways to market her product during an economic collapse. She had planned to sell her shirts at several events, all of which were canceled, so she developed new strategies to overcome that hurdle as well. Ashira said that these challenges only deepened her appreciation for the project that will have a great impact on the community. Thank you Ashira!


Written by Haley Todd

Programs Manager

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