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A Bee line to 2021

Updated: May 24

We Got Down to Bees-ness in 2020!

Read about how we rose to the challenge of the past year in our 2020 recap blog. We did so by offering our new virtual education program to more than 30,000 students across the nation! We’re thrilled about our numerous, blooming corporate and community partnerships that will keep these classroom lessons at no or very low cost.

The skills we learned in the last year have helped us serve our community better than ever and so we have harnessed that energy as we continue expanding our hive in 2021! Keep reading to see what our buzzing goals are for the new year.

A Beeline to 2021

As we enter into 2021 after a challenging year, we are more dedicated than ever to the environment, social justice, and serving communities and students across the country. We are buzzing with excitement at a fresh start while we continue working to change the world one bee and one student at a time!

Our goals for the new year include educating 50,000 students across the world, translating our lessons to Spanish, and continuing to expand our curriculum. We will provide 250 Stewardship Kits to local communities, 200 Native Bee House Kits, and safely resume hands-on beekeeping workshops with community partners. We will also continue to foster current and new partnerships to expand programs and strengthen communities. This includes offering virtual team-building experiences, as well as caring for 2,500,000 bees on corporate campuses.

Bee the Change!

The pandemic has provided a unique opportunity for people to slow down and appreciate the healing power of the natural world as we reconnect with the outdoors. Nature has become the lifeline for social interactions, health, and emotional well-being. We believe this moment in time is ripe for all of us to adapt or deepen our commitment to creating a greener world and way of life. Here are some things to do this spring to nourish the body, soul, and our precious planet.

  • Get Your Hands Dirty - Help the bees by planting pollinator-friendly flowers and creating habitats for bees!

  • Voice Your Opinion - Reach out to your representatives and stay up to date on environmental legislation

  • Find Your Hive - Volunteer with a local conservation nonprofit

  • Donate to Planet Bee - All donations go towards funding our new remote learning program to educate the next generation of change-makers!

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