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Happy Intern Day - See How They Help the Bees!

Today is a holiday dedicated to celebrating the future change-makers of our planet - interns! We are so lucky to have a wonderful team of four green-minded leaders that span from SoCal to Michigan. This summer is the first time that Planet Bee’s internship program has been 100% remote and it sure has buzzed along quickly!

Check out the ways our interns love to help the bees!

Claire: I love shopping at the local farmer’s market and trying all the delicious food that the bees worked hard to provide - pesticide free. Shopping local is a delicious way to help the bees!

Avery: I help the bees by keeping European Honey Bees in my backyard, which keeps me accountable for them as well as all pollinators. I have a pesticide-free pollinator garden to help my honey bees and nearby native bees stay healthy. Additionally, I love showing my hive to family and friends, spreading awareness about bee decline and how cute and gentle bees can be!

Sam: I dedicate an area of my yard as a natural, messy habitat for bees. Patches of bare soil and twig piles are much appreciated by ground-nesting pollinators. I also love planting and caring for the pollinator-friendly plants in my garden like lavender and rosemary.

Layla: One simple way I help the bees in my everyday life is by planting bee-friendly flowers in my backyard to attract more pollinators. I also buy local honey, which is environmentally conscious and supports my local beekeepers and bees.

The Planet Bee hive is able to pollinate so many more minds because of our amazing team of hard-working interns.

Thank you for all that you do!


Written by Haley Todd

Planet Bee Program Manager and Staff Writer

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