We are proud to offer NEW & DIVERSE lessons addressing all components of E-STEM (Environment, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), as well as the Crosscutting Concepts and Science & Engineering Practices laid out in the Next Generation Science Standards.

Joining our Humble Honey Bee, ZomBee Watch, and Adopt-A-Hive programs are five new individual lessons! All program descriptions are listed below. We are still offering single-day visits, with full sponsorships available for qualifying schools.

Also new this year are our E-STEM SERIES, which include MULTIPLE VISITS to your school, giving your students a year-long environmental education experience they’ll never forget!

Our lessons are co-taught by our two experienced educators, who are passionate about teaching and environmentalism - meet them here!  Please scroll down to the chart at the bottom of this page for pricing and to learn how each lesson aligns with the components of E-STEM & NGSS.



Your School Will be Part of the Solution to the Plight of the Honey Bee!

High School Programs

Customized Presentations to Deepen Higher Level Learning

Wanna-Bee an Engineer?

Build A Native Bee House - A Lesson in Engineering for the Environment


Hands-on Math Learned Through Inquiry & Exploration

Hive Dive Live

Take a Look Inside a Beehive, Without Leaving Your Classroom!

ZomBee Watch STEM Remote

Bringing Citizen Science to Out-of-State Classrooms

Humble Honey Bee

Bring Live Honey Bees to Your School for a Day! 

Native Bees of California

Bees Come in All Shapes, Sizes, and Colors - Just Like Us!

ZomBee Watch STEM Project

Bringing Citizen Science to Bay Area Classrooms

E-STEM Series Descriptions


All Bees Series


Humble Honey Bee, Bee-ometry, Native Bees of California, Wanna-Bee an Engineer?

Can’t decide between honey bees and native bees? There’s no need to with this offering of lessons, which will give your students a chance to learn about the bee world in its entirety!

Honey Bee Series


Humble Honey Bee, Bee-ometry, Hive Dive Live, Wrap-Up Lesson

Planet Bee Educators will present three lessons over the course of the school year for an interdisciplinary program involving concepts of biology, math, physics, technology, conservation, and stewardship, providing students with a well-rounded environmental education experience surrounding the wonderous world of honey bees.

Native Bee Series


Native Bees of California, Wanna-Bee an Engineer?, Wrap-Up Lesson

Planet Bee educators will visit three times over the course of a year to first introduce students to the vast world of California’s native bees, then put students’ new knowledge into action as we engineer bee habitats together. A fourth lesson will be provided for the classroom teacher to lead as a conclusion to the program.

ZomBee Watch STEM


Includes two or three visits by Planet Bee Educators over the school year 

Planet Bee Educators will bring citizen science to your classroom, allowing your students to participate in real-world research! Together we will work through the scientific method, complete a fun engineering project, and contribute findings to an international database.  


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Teachers fundraising to cover the cost of programming may download our source document of information here