Interested in getting started with beekeeping? Already a beekeeper but would like to learn more? Join us each month as we suit up to go elbow deep into a hive, taste honey, and delve into the art and science of beekeeping with topics such as beekeeping equipment, hive placement, life inside the hive, pest & disease management, honey harvesting and overwintering your hive. You will learn by doing, and gain valuable personal experience under the guidance of Dr. Jason Graham, experienced beekeeper and bee scientist!

No experience necessary! Workshop will take place at our Homeward Bound of Marin Apiary in Novato, CA

Click here for class dates and Dr. Grahams bio!


Summer Camp

Planet Bee’s summer camp will include daily STEAM activities such as nature walks, insect collections, learning about bees, bee yoga, dancing & music making, math & physics experiments, and time to interact with our observation hive full of contained live honey bees each day!

Community Adopt-A-Hive

Community gardens, nonprofits, and other community groups in the San Francisco Bay Area can bring a beehive to your location, providing an opportunity for environmental stewardship for the local community, including beekeeping lessons, honey harvests, and more over the course of each year!

Bee-Day Parties

If your child loves bugs and is getting ready to celebrate a birthday, include Planet Bee for an event they’ll never forget, as we bring our observation hive full of contained live bees and hands-on activities to suit your needs, such as games, sample inspections, honey tasting, and more!

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